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The new campus of Tengfei Bilingual School has opened
Bring the child to learn Master Fei's martial arts
Welfare for football enthusiasts in the Bay Area!
Bring a safe, happy and positive learning and growth environment for children.
Always adhere to the martial arts education tradition of "learning etiquette before learning art, and learning morality before practicing martial arts" in Chinese martial arts
Invite renowned coaches such as Wang Guangning to give lectures, all age groups can participate!
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The new campus of Feiteng Bilingual School is located in the core business district of Fremont. It is equipped with a spacious and bright Kung Fu/dance classroom, eight well-equipped classrooms, convenient and comfortable tea room, parents waiting area, etc. High-end environment, new look and excellent teachers will provide a reliable educational environment for Chinese parents in the Bay Area.
Teaching Features
Chinese language
Tengfei dance
Master Fei's Kung Fu
Create a safe, happy and energetic platform for children and teenagers
Let students exercise their bodies, cultivate their sentiments and make dance a hobby of all living beings through professional dance training.
In addition to Chinese and Kung Fu, Feiteng Bilingual-after school also continuously creates a variety of learning opportunities for students, and will join dance, go, art and other interest courses every week
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San Jose
1715 Lundy Ave, Suite 128San Jose, CA 95131
37365 - 37371 Fremont Blvd,Fremont CA94536