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To create a platform for teenagers to perceive Chinese traditional culture by providing high-quality immersive Chinese teaching, professional martial arts training, and rich cultural courses, aiming to help teenagers benefit from high-quality cultural courses for life.
Our Mission
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Core Values
To become the most influential cultural communication and education institution in North America
1. Each student can grow safely, healthily and in balance 2. A serious and lively teaching environment 3. Excellent teachers immerse in teaching, and high-quality courses are taught according to their aptitude 4. Parents and teachers should participate together to promote students' development.
Curriculum diversity
82.88% of the students' parents expressed their support and approval for the colleges under the American Tengfei Group. The children who have been trained in the school of education of American Tengfei Group have not only grown up healthily in physical condition, but also greatly improved in intellectual logic.
Teacher team evaluation
According to 92% of parents' feedback, the teachers of each school under Tencent Group treat every student with the "serious and responsible" education attitude, and the parents are also relieved to hand over their children to the school.
Rich after-class life

After holding several summer camps, Feiteng Tourism has been praised by more and more parents. There are also many parents who want to change the location of the summer camp to China and even other countries.

Chinese traditional culture
We have more than 2000 cultural traditions, which have been running through China's more than 2000 years of history, and have played a very important role in the creation, continuation and development of the entire Chinese civilization and the construction of social order at that time.
Chinese and American markets
With the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures, Chinese Kungfu is facing the world with its unique charm and has become a medium for children of different nationalities and nationalities to exchange skills and emotions. Through competitive competitions, cultural exchanges and other channels, children are provided with good opportunities to contact new things, meet new friends, broaden their horizons and enrich their after-school life.
Excellent teachers
American Tengfei Group has created its own teacher upgrading system, which uses hourly teaching experience upgrading to improve teaching quality and stimulate teachers' personal development.
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