It is committed to building a safe, happy and energetic platform for children and teenagers through high-quality and immersive Chinese language and culture teaching, as well as professional and systematic martial arts training, and requires students with high standards, encourages students with an inquiry learning environment, and helps students develop in an all-round way, learn happily, and become the best themselves with high-quality courses that teach students according to their aptitude.
Fei Kungfu Belt Test
Immersive teaching allows children to have a better future
Immersive teaching is a totally closed language teaching project that uses the target language for teaching around the clock. Since there are only two professional courses, Kung Fu and Chinese, in which you can only hear the teacher speak Chinese, the purpose is to create a closed and immersive learning environment for students
Teaching benefits
Cognitive benefits
①Immersion teaching is considered as the best way to learn language because it can make students have better ability to speak and read.
Even though students' language level is somewhat different, immersion in the classroom can give students relatively greater freedom to learn the language to the maximum extent.
③The results of immersion teaching students are outstanding in some standardized tests, even better than those of students without immersion teaching, even in English tests.
Immersion teaching classroom not only provides language immersion, but also cultural immersion, allowing students to feel different traditions and perspectives
①Students immersed in the teaching environment have become more flexible in thinking and have outstanding performance in critical thinking and problem solving. When problems arise, they can seek more solutions.
The skills gained by students through immersion teaching are more attractive to future employers.
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