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Education is the most important part of children's growth. Because American schools leave school very early, how to reasonably and effectively arrange children's excessive spare time has become a major issue for many American parents. Feiteng Bilingual-after school came into being under this appeal, and combined with the actual situation of American education, it proposed a beautiful solution for parents-

In the gap between "after school" and "after work", ensure that your children arrive at school safely, complete their homework on time, study fun and fully, and go home happily.

Feiteng Bilingual-after school is one of the educational institutions under the American Tengfei Group. Its core value is to create a safe, happy and energetic platform for children and teenagers through high-quality and immersive Chinese language and culture teaching, as well as professional and systematic martial arts training, to require students with high standards, and to stimulate students with an inquiry learning environment, The high-quality courses that teach students according to their aptitude help students develop in an all-round way, study happily and become the best themselves.

Feiteng Bilingual-after school is equipped with "car pickup and delivery" service to ensure that children from school can arrive at after school safely and on time.

Feiteng Bilingual-after school has spacious and bright classrooms and complete and rich teaching facilities, which can ensure that children learn in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Children's daily homework is followed up by a special room teacher to supervise and check the completion of students' homework.

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