Equal emphasis on moral education - Chinese and kungfu
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The biggest course feature of Feiteng Bilingual-After School is: Chinese and Kung Fu work together to guide children to learn Chinese, exercise and infiltrate Chinese culture from inside to outside. Among them, the teachers and teaching system of kungfu courses are completely "seamless" with another educational institution under the American Tengfei Group, Master Fei Kungfu College.

The Chinese course of Feiteng Bilingual-after school is another key feature of the school. The Chinese language courses are prepared by the Chinese language teachers in the school collectively, the teaching syllabus is unified, the Chinese language series textbooks of Jinan University are selected, and in combination with the essence of Chinese traditional culture (such as poetry, folk customs, ethics, etc.), the teaching focus is on stabilizing the foundation, and improving students' abilities in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and other aspects step by step. The school will arrange the entrance level test according to the specific situation of each student, and have a regular examination to monitor the progress of the course upgrading, so as to avoid the Chinese learning becoming a fleeting experience, and at the same time pay attention to the combination of teaching and entertainment, which will not aggravate the students' academic burden.

In addition to Chinese and Kung Fu, Feiteng Bilingual-after school also continuously creates a variety of learning opportunities for students. Every week, it will participate in dance, go, art and other interest courses (specific courses may vary according to the actual situation) as well as extrawork in mathematics and English to enrich and enrich children's spare time.

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